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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

The Death Of America- Bone Logic Salvation

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Bone Logic


In the course of human history, it has been at times of ‘bone logic’ that great revolutions have occurred, that great discoveries have been made. This bone logic is the implicit meaning of the famous aphorism “necessity is the mother of invention”.


What is the driving force behind bone logic and how can we expand our internal sense of what defines our ‘line of bone’, our holy citadel, our inner chamber, that which we would protect above all other aspects of self?


Bone Logic is a process of stripping away all of the artifice that defines the overwhelming aspect of our lives, the guile of social masking, the seduction of the ordered, controlled world over the mess of bone sense, the visceral realities we work so hard to conceal at almost all cost.


As the bone, or the citadel, begins to become vulnerable, the self retreats from the veneer of the controlled universe and begins to deal with the visceral facts before them. It is a rejection of studies and emotions and patriotic rhetoric in favor of the action of bone preservation, crisis language, if you will.


This is that proverbial “FUCK” guttural, which is like a valve releasing a pulse of steam, a shattering of the social veneer to reveal the core bone threat, and to respond in like terms.


It is the dichotomy of societies that the harmony and security they create can also breed the creation of utopian guile, which goes further and further away from bone logic, until bone logic itself has become an untalked about vulgarity that ‘good people’ would be well to avoid.


In this environment, guile becomes almost the sole governor of lives, and the power to stalk the citadels of others is greatly increased, because less and less eyes are still looking at the citadel, even KNOW what the citadel is, what the bone of self is. Not knowing your holy of holies is like not knowing the rules of chess, so you have to trust the person who’s playing against you.


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