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Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons tax fiasco called affordable housing has wrecked tax payers of New Castle County

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Coons supported legislation that punished land developers for not setting aside “affordable housing” that county residents have called “a nightmare”. (Angie Basiouny, “Proposed Affordable Housing Bill A Tough Sell For Some Developers,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 10/22/07)

                Coons supported legislation that would charge developers $1,000 per unit built regardless of affordability.  (Angie Basiouny, “Proposed Affordable Housing Bill A Tough Sell For Some Developers,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 10/22/07) 

            County Council wanted to place a hold on the legislation eight months after it went into effect because it drove down property values and had “a detrimental effect on quality of life”. (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Incentive Law Under Fire,” The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 10/14/08)

Senate Race Delaware



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Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons give land deal to County prez wife #senate #race #delaware

Senate Race #Delaware– Chris Coons gves Stolz land deal with help of County Pres wife, attorney for Stoltz #senate #race

Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons uses Land Use codes to screw taxpayers #senate #race #delaware

Senate Race #Delaware– How Chris Coons used Land Use code 2 favor developer-strip tax payers right 2 object #senate #race

Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons tax scheme pt 1 #senate #race #delaware

Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons affordable housing housing tax wrecked New Castle County #senate #race #delaware

Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons Land Deal #senate #race #delaware

Senate Race Delaware- Chris Coons ignores Tax Payers 2 cram land deal through 4 County Pres wife #senate #race #delaware


Delaware Politics- Chris Coons Pension beneficiary Rich Przywara to get lifetime pension for service to PA college- but Delaware taxpayers foot bill

Saturday, October 9th, 2010



            Three of Coons’ top staffers directly benefited from this loophole.  Each served less than 3 years with the County and retired with salaries above $125,000:



                        former Special Services Director Rich Przywara will receive his pension at age 55 (currently he is 47) because the pension board applied years-of-service credit for his work time at West Chester (Pa.) University — formerly West Chester State Teachers College.

Delaware Senate Race- Chris Coons Taxes Seniors by cutting property tax exemptions

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Chris Coons lust for taxes seems to know no bounds.  Even DE seniors are unsafe in his wake:

New Castle County Council members are expected to vote Tuesday on legislation that would reduce future property tax exemptions for senior citizens and the disabled. … County Executive Chris Coons said he supports the ordinance because it doesn’t eliminate the exemption entirely, which was the recommendation of a task force convened last year to examine county finances. (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Tax Exemption Cuts Up For Vote,” The News Journal, September 10, 2007)

The county’s senior tax exemption, which is $50,000 for those older than 65 who qualify, helps cushion the impact of a tax increase for older residents. Their tax bill would rise an average of $18 a year, under the proposal. (Angie Basiouny, “17 Percent Tax Hike Proposed For NCCo,” The News Journal, March 21, 2007)

But his determination to raise taxes on seniors is a bit ironic considering how, a couple of years earlier, he tried to take credit for the tax exemptions for seniors–even though he wasn’t even in office when the exemption was enacted:

Mr. Gordon’s press office had good reason to criticize. Mr. Coons tried to take credit for expanding the county’s senior citizen property tax exemption, which was enacted before he even took office. Mr. Coons tried to wiggle out of that confrontation by saying he ‘fought for the exemption,’ which is different from passing it. (Editorial, “Press Advantages,” The News Journal, September 10, 2004)

It looks like Coons will say anything to get elected as long as he can still raise taxes once in office.

Delaware Senate Race- Chris Coons and his imaginative Tax proposals

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

It seems there isn’t a tax that Coons has seen during his political career that he didn’t immediately fall in love with.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

  • Eliminate Tax Credit for First Time Home-buyers: In 2006, Coons lobbied the General Assembly to repeal the tax credit for first time home-buyers.  This would have cost the citizens of his county at least $4.2 million. (Angie Basiouny,  “5 Percent Tax Increase Proposed For NCCo,” The News Journal, March 22, 2006)
  • Lobbied for 911 Tax, Hotel Tax, Paramedic Tax: In 2007, while New Castle County Executive, Coons planned to pile on new taxes on all three DE counties by lobbying the General Assembly to pass brand new taxes including a hotel tax, a 911 tax, and a paramedic tax. (Angie Basiouny, “Tax Hike, Deep Cuts In Store For NCCo,” The News Journal, March 17, 2007)
  • Delaware Swats Down Coons Tax Gouging Plan, Coons Vows to Keep Pushing Tax Hikes: The General Assembly turned down repeated requests from Coon to gouge his citizens with new 911, hotel and paramedic taxes.  How does Coons respond?  He says he is “undaunted…[and] working with state leaders for permission to levy new taxes or fees.” (Angie Basiouny, “Historic NCCo Budget Finally Set For Vote Tuesday,” The News Journal, May 25, 2009)
  • Neighborhood Stalker Tax Plan: In 2009, to fund a new “problem properties” cleanup program, Coons wanted to start stalking neighborhoods looking for property code violations, levy fines, and fatten up a $375,000 abatement fund. (“Coons Proposes Using Fines To Clean Up NCCo’s Problem Properties,” The News Journal, October 23, 2009)
  • The Annual Sewer Tax Hike: Almost every year as County Executive, Coons raised the sewer taxes. In 2005, Coons hiked the tax up $63 for the average household. In 2006, Coons hiked the tax up by 2.5%.  In 2008, Coons proposed a 4.4% hike.  In 2009, Coons successfully raised the tax by 10%!  Earlier this year, Coons again proposed a 4% tax hike.  (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Budget Ups Sewer Rates But Holds Taxes Steady,” The News Journal, May 25, 2005; Angie Basiouny, “NCCo OKs Tax Hike, Budget,” The News Journal, May 24, 2006; Angie Basiouny, “Coons To Propose Sewer Rate Increase,” The News Journal, March 20, 2008; Angie Basiouny, “25% NCCo Property Tax Hike OK’d,” The News Journal, May 27, 2009; Adam Taylor, “Coons Proposes Layoffs,” The News Journal, March 17, 2010)
  • Reassess Property Values so Property Tax is Hiked Even Higher:  Apparently, Coons was not satisfied with merely jacking up property taxes.  He wanted a more aggressive reassessment of the property values in order to gouge his county as much as possible.  (Angie Basiouny, “17 Percent Tax Hike Proposed For NCCo,” The News Journal, March 21, 2007)

Delaware Senate Race- How Chris Coons passed 25% tax increase in dead of night

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Wilmington, Del. —

After more than two months of deliberations, New Castle County quietly approved a $228 million operating budget and 25 percent tax increase Tuesday night.

Apparently all talked out, the 13-member body voted 10-3 to approve the spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1. The vote on the tax increase was 8-5.

The budget approved by council is virtually unchanged from what County Executive Chris Coons proposed presented to council in his March 17 budget address – balancing $23 million in spending cuts with the tax increase expected to generate $21.2 million in revenue.

The average annual tax bill will jump $100, to $501, following the increase, which is the second highest in the government’s history. The cuts, meanwhile, represent the largest budget-to-budget reduction in county history, officials said.

Several council members, like William Bell (D-Middletown), said they carefully scrutinized the budget and were convinced the county cut all it could without impacting core services.

“The vast majority of citizens we come in contact with have a high regard for the services we provide – especially police, paramedics and 911,” Bell said.

But Councilman William Tansey (R-Greenville), who ultimately voted in favor of the budget and tax increase, said council shouldn’t give itself too much credit.

“It’s all rhetoric,” said Tansey. “All we did was go after the low hanging fruit. We taxed the taxpayer to recover what we’re spending.”

Delaware Senate Race- Chris Coons runs county into bankruptcy, but takes credit for fixing it

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Boy, what 4-years of Coons can make!

2005: Coons Called The County’s Economic Health “Fundamentally Sound.” “While the county’s economic health is ‘fundamentally sound,’ Coons said, there’s been a widening gap between expenses and revenues in the past several years. His proposals would help avoid a projected $152 million shortfall by 2009.” (Angie Basiouny, “NCCo Exec Proposes Reining In Spending,” The News Journal, March 30, 2005)

2009: “‘We’re 18 Months From Being Out Of Money — Unable To Operate, Not To Use The “B” Word,’ Coons Said, In A Reference To Bankruptcy. ‘That’s where we are, and it’s at a time when many families are struggling, and they’re looking to government to help them.’” (Jeff Montgomery, “Sobering Challenges Reflected In Speeches,” The News Journal, January 22, 2009)

I wonder if the AP will ever fact-check Coons’ recent claim that he “restored his county to financial health and is ready to do the same for the federal government.”  If he is going to do to the country what he did to the poor folks in New Castle County, I think I’ll pass.

Delaware Election- Chris Coons wastes millions of taxdollars paying for Rolls-Royce sick leaves for cronies

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Chris Coons, as News Castle County Executive, wasted millions through overly generous sick leave policies for county bureaucrats.  Similar to the fact that federal bureaucrats make twice as much as the private sector, Coons ensured that the sick leave policy for county bureaucrats was completely out of line with the private sector. In 2009, a bipartisan group of legislators questioned Coons’ generous sick leave policies:

Councilmen Robert Weiner (R-Chatham) and Timothy Sheldon (D-Pike Creek), who voted against a tax hike in May, have called for a review of sick leave policies, which they say cost too much. ‘Our policy is out of line with what is done in the private sector,’ Weiner said. ‘It may have been done this way in government for a long time, but we can’t keep doing the same things.’” (Jesse Chadderdon, “Critics Take Aim At NCCo’s Sick Leave Policy,”, August 12, 2009)

Coons’ unsustainable sick leave policy allowed county bureaucrats to have year-to-year carryover of sick days.  It also gave a severance payout for retiring employees:

A flurry of recent e-mails between citizens, council members and County Executive Chris Coons’ office have raised questions about a policy that provides employees year-to-year sick day carryover and a capped severance payout for unused days upon ending employment on good terms. (Jesse Chadderdon, “Critics Take Aim At NCCo’s Sick Leave Policy,”, August 12, 2009)

According to, in 2009, $618,909 was paid out in unused sick leave to 40 retiring county bureaucrats.  In 2008, $1.2 million was paid out to 58 retirees.  In both cases, Coons made taxpayers pick up the tab for his extravagant pay out.

Delaware Race-Chris Coons fires political opponent, escapes suit on technicality

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Parkstone v. Coons. Dennis Parkstone had worked as a union laborer for New Castle County for over 35 years when he filed a wrongful termination suit against Coons.17 He was elected president of his local AFSCME union 9 separate times between 1981 and 2004.


Unfortunately for Parkstone, he also failed to politically support Coons, instead choosing to support two of Coons’ chief political rivals. According to Parkstone, he “encountered no problems in his

employment and was subject to no disciplinary actions” prior to Coons’ election as county executive.


According to court filings, Coons and his political supporters regularly complained that

Parkstone, as a union official in his personal capacity, had not provided sufficient political support or exposure for Coons. Coons was also allegedly displeased that he was forced to share the stage with a Republican rival at a union political event organized by Parkstone.

Parkstone claimed in his legal filings that Coons and his supporters within the government cooked up a disciplinary action against Parkstone for the sole purpose of getting rid of him.


They claimed that Parkstone had sent inappropriate e-mails via his county e-mail; Parkstone admits to sending an inappropriate joke, but notes that it was sent from a union computer, not a county computer. County officials later seized the union computer as part of their “investigation.” County officials then forced Parkstone to sign what he claims was a materially false Memorandum of Understanding regarding the incident and waive a number of his rights as an employee or he would be fired immediately.


While the Court found in favor of the defendants, they did so on the basis that Chris Coons as County Executive had the right to replace Parker for whatever reason he so chose.  The point here is not that Chris Coons ultimately violated any laws, but that he used his power to punish anyone who dares oppose his cronyism machine.